ISO9001 Manufacturer

Solid Prototype Co., ltd

Specialize in one-stop prototyping and small-batch production service over 18 years’ experience.

We do CNC machining, vacuum casting, sheet metal, injection molding, low volume manufacturing of bespoke parts or components by different materials, processing methods and surface finishing. Most of parts are involved in the field of automotive, medical, electronics, aerospace, automation, robotics etc.

We have a 2500m square fabrication area, 30pc 3-4-5 axis CNC machines, one professional team consisted of 40 staffs, and advanced inspection equipment to meet your various requirement, no matter of simple or complicated project. You trust us, we build your prototypes accurately.

In the competitive and transparent business, there are more choices meanwhile it is more difficult to choose a right manufacturer. We are an middle-scale factory to control cost to help you save budget; we have experienced and knowledgeable engineers to make sure high quality of precision parts; we are a flexible team to offer fast quote, fast delivery and fast feedback on after-sale service.

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